The “Western Wall” in the Jpost

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Can you briefly tell me about your relationship with LEGOs? Obviously, there’s a history and a learning curve that enabled you to create a mosaic like that.

I fell in love with LEGO when I was a little boy. Later, when my son Nathan started collecting LEGO Mini figures, I rediscovered it too. It became our mutual love that we use to do together and bond over.

What was it about this photo in particular that made you decide to reproduce it in LEGO bricks?

It was something in the beauty of the contradicting similarity. While both mans appear to be completely different, they’re both praying for peace to the same G-d. That and the fact that the Kotel is a special place for me, made it an obvious choice for this project.

I understand that you live in the Netherlands. Are you Jewish? Can you tell me something about your connection with Israel?

No, I’m not jewish, but I fell in love with Israel and Judaism through my mom. When I was 18 years old, I came to Israel for the first time and it felt like coming home! Later on, I lived in Israel for a couple of years with my wife and kids.

What is the idea behind Shalom Bricks? Have you done any other Jewish-themed LEGO art?

ShalomBricks is the combination of my two passions: Israel and LEGO. I do more Jewisch-themed LEGO art. I’m currently building a replica of a synagogue that’s here in the Netherlands.

This piece of art is the ultimate combination of my two passions: Israel and LEGO’s, so I have put my heart and soul in this project. And now, I want to touch other people’s hearts too. My goal is to raise at least €4750 with which I can pay for the costs of designing and making this mosaic so that I can put it on display at, or donate it to a foundation or institution.

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